Friday, January 7, 2011


Unemployment in one such mighty problem put the future sizeable group of educated as well as uneducated youth of country in the dark. Limited number of 'white colour jobs' has failed to meet up tthe demand created in the job market. The severity of this problem is on the increase. It has become the problem like uncured disease and our economic expert are diagnosing to case the problem in different angles during the past plan period and programme. So materialised perhaps failed to achieve any desired result. Now it has become a challenging national problem bringing acute measeries to the society, individual family and particularly to the job seekers.
When a human body is seriously affected by different types of disease consciously or unconsciously its registance powerdecreases. Physiciary may treat the body seriously but result achieved may not be worthwhile. Likewise our major problem of unemployment has been cropped up as a national disease. Which cannot be cured overnight with a magic stic. If we take a overall statistics of our state, more than 20(Twenty) lacs of registered unemployed youths are seeking different types of jobs in the state at present. Different political parties forming the government in Assam in past and at presentand implemented various planning and programmes in the state but could not take sincere attitude towards easing the problems during the last two decades of generation of employment out of Industry, Agriculture or forestry etc. Crores of rupees were spent on planning programme but the result achieved are very poor.
It is experienced from the employment service the registered job seekers shows that more than 85% of the live registered are catagorized as "White colour" and unskilled job seekers and the remaining are from Engineering, Medical, Teaching and others. In this regard our state Govt. is not at all a successful policy maker to mobilize, except a very small portion of job seekers to be absorbed in the self-employment scheme through states own finance.
Naturally, now questions arise out of these situations how can all those people be engaged in such an economic backward state like Assam? Such a magitude problem arising due to various reasons can not be solved in a magic way. But it is believed if our Govt. extents its sincere attitude towards easing the problem in a planned and partial manner with an advisory body considering some experts fom all the brances like Agriculture, Veterinary, Fishery, Forestry Oil and Natural Scientist etc. with their valuable advice, Govt. can successfully face the problem of the job seekers.
The state of Assam has vast Agriculture lands, Forests, Oil & Natural gas,Coal and so many water resources. Our main hindrances to develop the rural economy of the state having poor communication to the rural areas, shortage of well stablished markets for selling of any Industrial or Agricultural products, absence of any training facilities to the job seekers. Naturally, questions arises how to proceed where to proceed to bring enermous success in the field of unemployment for placing huge number of different job seekers to earn their livelihood.
Inthe remedial measures, time has arive to study the qualities and nature of job seekers. It is time that the educated unemployed youth of our state is yet to proved their intectuality like others state. In national level recruitment like I.A.S., I.P.S, I.R.S., I.F.S., I.E.S. etc the percentage of success of our badly suffering. The job seekers are badly suffering from lack of confidence and decieved by the corrupted machineries and political leaders of the state. It become essential to Introduce the syllabus for development of personality confidence of the school going children. From school onwards each and every students are as partially aware of the "Jobs less future" which create depression among them after completion of their education. Due to job less situation the educated youths are losing their self confidence, personality, respect to the government and competitive attitude. However Govt. has initiated soe measures but not and enough at all the Employment Exchange by deputed the officers to visit the school the colleges for development of personality to sit in the various competitive examinations. In spite of these, Govt. should compulsory introduce a subject in the school and college level.
"Self Employment" is the best option as means of respectable living. A self employed person is a matter of his or her own self. The Govt. of Assam as well as the Central Govt. has launched several self employment programmes throughout the Century which are not come out cent percent success.
(i) The Bureacrautic produces for selection of beneficiaries disrupted the aims and objects of the scheme. It should be made a little frequent in case of various employment schemes.
(ii) Scheme are become failure due to proper initiative are not taken for the remote and backward areas. As a result the backward areas remain as it is.
(iii) Govt. should take steps initial to stablish agricultural based industries for which the unemployed youths may be motivated to agricultured works.
(iv) Arrangement sholud be made by the concerned department of supply raw materials at no profit, no loss prices & help the growers top market to finish products at normal price.
These are some of the ways and means which can improve the problems for large no. of job seekers of Assam roaming here and there with frustration.

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