Monday, January 3, 2011

Peace and Pleasure of Mia Community in Assam

The word MIA means Muslims in Assam, but some body want to say that MIA means Muslim immigrants in Assam. How can be these man Immigrant? They had come to Assam when the Assam government proposed them to come from Bangladesh to Assam, When Assam was a vast state including Bangladesh named Pragjyotishpur, because Assam was not a fit place for live for the all men , but it was possible for them who were similized with its climate. In ancient time Mughals describes as delails" Poisonous climate and weather flows in Assam and it is not a appropriate place to live" and they back to their territory from fighting against the Ahom(The king of then). So why we had come to Assam? Certainly for good of Assam and Assamese nation, secondly when we had come to Assam, was Assam a another state or a combine state? They would to answer, It was a combine state belonging with west Bengal, Assam and Bangladesh( Now). When we had come to Assam, Assam was filled with different type of forestry tree, where only the wild animals and beasts were lived. We cleaned forests and created Assam( lower Part) fit for live and started to live west side( Lower Part) of Assam, we may demand that we are also a part to create the Assamese nation. So if anybody think for the past days they should to say that MIA's are not our foe they are our brother who helped us to made vast Assamese nation. Moreover, Ajan Phakir a saint of Muslims who gave a good advantage to form Assamese nation before the India was independend. Late Kalu khan, Kaddus Khan were the star who fought against the British Government. We are the East Bengal rooted people called Mia Living in Assam before the India was divided. But our fore father had come here directly sponsored by the Government Of Assam (then).Assam was a single state of India in Interior North East.There were few people to cultivate there land .so the Government (then) patronized our fore father to come Assam from East Bengal (then).We are the fourth or fifth generation of our Mia community in Assam. we have accepted all the culture of Assam but unfortunately we are till date lebellized as illegal immigrant, Bangladeshi, many other surname. We the poor people has no time to think about other things except food,shelter and cloth.Few people of Mia community has over come the life struggle and they have established in society as a human being.We the people (50%) are living with out food and shelter till date .Why ? What is the cause? The cause is that erosion of Brahmaputra is the main cause. For the cause of erosion the need to go to town like, Guwahati, Delhi, Chennai, Calcutta, Jammu Kashmir and so on only for their food, shelter and cloth. How can these people think about their education a luxury life and Civilization?Now let’s have a glance on the edu-cultural condition of our society. Now a days there are lots of educated people in our society but the impact of education on our cultural condition is very faint. It is because; the majority of people living in the remote and backward villages are poor and poorly educated. They are mainly concerned with the basic need of life. Their all might have and wits are exhausted in the struggle of meeting up the basic need of subsistence. If the basic need like the need of food, clothing and shelter is not satisfied, how one can move further to satisfy other of higher grade like safety need, need of self-esteem, intellectual achievement need, aesthetic or cultural need etc. Moreover, the traditional orthodox belief and attitude are still prevailing in the society as the dominating force standing in the way of cultural and intellectual development.

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