Thursday, January 6, 2011

Edu-Cultural Condition of our MIA Society in Assam

It is known to all and accepted by all that education is the instrument of social change and development. According to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the progress of a society is determined by education. Three obstacles that stand in the way of progress are ignorance, diseases and property. Of these major obstacle is ignorance. If the ignorance is removed from the men’s mind s their poverty will diminish and the disease will be eliminated. The history of civilization shows that the progressive philosophy-the scientific point of view, the realistic and positive out look and the aesthetic sense are basic factors for individual and social progress. Here the finding of an anthropological research can be added. This research had found out that the amount of sex control is positively correlated with the development of a race. It means that the more amount of sex controlled the more is the development of a race. The progress of AmericaJapanEngland and other advanced countries is due to their progressive philosophy. They could link their philosophy with economic growth. Now a day, it is observed that many people are following this path and their advancement is on the progress. But those who are unable to and unwilling to accept this path is bound to be down trodden.

It is difficult but important to achieve all the factors behind the progress and advancement. There are the great gifts of education-time fitting quality education. The quality education has been considered as the key factor of all-round and balanced development of an individual as well as the society, The quality education refers to that education which can produce the quality people having high degree of goodness, worth and excellence. Quality depends on how and how much knowledge and information an individual acquires, belief and attitude towards the knowledge he develops and habit of doing or work culture he imbibes. These are the three Pillars of personality which are related to truth, goodness and beauty truth in knowledge and information, goodness of feeling and attitude, and beauty in doing or behaviour.
Thus the quality in the achievement of an individual’s education is required to be reflected in his behaviour or personality, in his thought and feeling. The external and superficial flourishment of the periphery is not the purpose of education. Through education we are to open our eyes to see the things as they are not as we are and to loosen our tongue to speak what is right and just-what is real and reasonable. It is in this way, one’s behaviour is shadowed by the beauty and gradually it covers the whole sky of the society.
Culture is closely related with education. It is rightly said that the cultivation of land is agriculture and the cultivation of mind is culture. Through education mind is cultivated. The cultural development of a society largely depends on quality education and progressive outlook. Again social enlightenment and advancement depend on edu-cultural condition of the society. A society or a community living without changing and developing culture is an ugly spectacle of the modern society. The culture is the way of living. It enriches the dry skeleton of our individual and social life with flesh and blood and makes it colourful and beautiful. It improves the taste and temperament, aesthetic and ethical quality of people. Above all, culture is the identity of a community through which it introduces itself to others.

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