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The Ships that will never Sail (The Titanic and the Queen Elizabeth)

God, the greatest creator and sustainer
Make the things great and small;
They all belong to him,
He is the lord of all. 
God is almighty, omnipresent, omnicient and omnipotant. He gives man the power to do and make everything for himself not for God. There is a saying that man proposes and, God disposes. Man can do everything but nothing in reality. The making of theTITANIC is one of the greatest wonderful creations of man that destroyed completely in the rags of time.
THE TITANIC: The full name of theTITANIC was ROYAL MAI STEAMER (R.M.S. TITANIC). The unsinkable ship takes about five half years to build expending 75 lakh dollars. It was like a floating town and as tall as 15 storeyed building. It's details :Length-883ft Width-92 ft. Height-104 ft. Weight-6000 tonne. Speed-22 knot+++, Life-boats-16 . Bent life-boats -4. The length of the boat-30 ft. and passenger carrying capacity-64. First class ticket fare-3100 dollars. Third class ticket fare-32 dollars.
On 10th April 1912 the largest luxury ship and the finest ship in the world set sail from Southampton (England) to New York (America). She set out to cross the Atlantic Ocean in herMAIDEN VOYAGE, the forst journey carrying 22 passengers and 1000 sailors including 62 years old Captain E.J. Smith. The passengers were proud and happy bacause they were travelling in the best ship inthe world that could never sink. Many of the passengers were asleep. due to their comfortable and safe journey.
The danger night of 14th April came. The TITANIC was 23 knot in speed. At  11:40 p.m.the man who kept watch from the top of the ship saw something and grew cold with fear. "ICEBERG" he yelled. Captain smith fought hard to steer the TITANIC but she changed direction slowly and her side scraped the mountain of ice. Water began to pour in to the ship as the iceberg cut holes along the ship's side. The unsinkable ship was sinking ans sinking. At 12:15 a.m. captain send messages to the ship's radio. "HELP! TITANIC SINKING! COME QUICKLY!" She could send messages 250 miles away through it's radio . TheCALIFORNIA (a ship) was only 20 miles away but it's radio wasturned off where the radio operatore was asleep. TheTITANIC vanished in to the sea at 2:20 a.m. on  15th April. 1513 people drowned or died of cold. The CARPATHIA (another ship) saved 1687 people arriving there three hours late. Most of the Titanic Victims were burried at the CITY OF FUNERALS, HALIFAX, the capital of Nova Scotia. Fmale were saved more than male passengers: first class saved female passengers-97%, second class-84% and third class-55% on the other hand 34%, 8% and 12% male passengers were saved respectively.
On 1st September, 1985 under the supervision of NATINAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, scientists sent a submarine to look for the wreck of the TITANIC. They found the ship lying in two pieces on the ocean floor at a depth of around 4 thousand metres. After this on 16th August, 1998 Discovery Channel gave us direct picture of it.
There are many stories of bravery and true LOVE on that terrible night in April 1912. Almost every one who enjoys the cinemaTHE TITANIC by James Cameron leaves the cinema in tears. Perhaps the white bacteria, RUSTICALS will finish eating the last wreck of the TITANIC one day.
THE QUEEN ELIZABETH:The biggest ship in the world was built in 1940. Her length was 309 metres and her width was 35.5 mts. Like the TITANIC she used to sail across the Atlantic Ocean from England to America with 3450 people abroad including 1250 sailors to sail the ship. She was like a small town having dining rooms, restaurants, two swimming pools, shops, a post office, a cinema hall, a bank and a daily newspaper was printed on board the ship.
The wueen Elizabeth was used to carry soldiers, sailors and airmen during the second world war. After the war she became a passenger-ship again for many years from England to America taking only four days for the journey. Gradually she grew old and on the other hand people used to make their journey quicker by air.At last she was bought by Mr. C.Y. Tung, a Hong Kong citizen. It was made the Sea-Wise University (C.Y's University), a big school for young men and women. The student would be able to travel around the world during their studies.
Tung took the ship to Hong Kong for repairs and she caught fire while she was being repaired and finally ended her life in Hong Kong harbour. 

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