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Adolescence is the period of repid growth physical and mental development between childhood and adulthood. The period of adolescence between 8-9 years for boys and 8-18 years for girls. Appearence of secondary exernal signs of sexual inaturatation to complete sexual maturity.
Adolescence period of a student between 14 to 18 years is very important. It is the time of carrier making with good performance in examination. It is also the time of character forming age. But adolescence age is marked by abrutly physical growth, development of reproductive organ and too much secretion neuro endocrine glands.
In the adolescence peroid students mind become frequent shifts of mood. They want to do every function by emotionally because of too much productions of hormones including six hormones in the body. This come at a time of preoccupation with self assertian, mind development in self identity, self steem and self respect. A possitive and accurate understanding of self in reaction to peer groups in school and rest of the world in important for social adjustment particularly under the conditions of stress and conflicts. Moral rreasoning developes in adolescence, regarding of their culture and their religious background. It is the time of attraction to opposite sex. So, teachers including guardians should care to their students and ward. The life of some talent student may also spoil for the very sensitive period of adolescence.
There arises some common problem in adolescence period of age. Acne is the main problem in this period both boys and girls. In one side, the students of adeloscence become sensitive to beautiness and in other side, acne makes them ugly. So, they begin to think the cause to relieve from acne and use various types of cream without the docters prescription. That infects the skin dangerously. Acne occurs from clogged pores of skin due to side effects of sex hormones. So, teachers should help to understand the actual cause of acne.
In case under develop students, there arises a problem of psychosomatic, called HYPOCHONDRA. Because they inter adeloscence lately. In the adeloscene period, socia; awakwardness arises in the mind of the students and they begin to gregariomnsess. It is the opposite nature of lonelyness in the adeloscence period. So, sometimes students may creat a critical circumstances due to too much friend collection because it is not easy to select a proper friend for the dangerous age. So, guardian should be always alert to their wards.
In adeloscence period both boys and girls start to consciousness to their body weight. They want to keep their body slim for which they takes less food. As a growth stage they should take more food because it is the time to eat nutrient food. As a result of taking less food, students suffer from deficiency disease. Sometime again some students of this age eat too much or fast food and become fatty.
Neurasthenia is adolescence symptom in case of some adult young. The special characterstic of neurathenia is in ability of concentration to study or enjoying. Neurathenia may lead the students to fatigues depression and head ache. So, the teachers and guardians consciousness is very necessary to remedy the problems.
Another problem arises in case of adeloscence students is phobias. Phobia is a psychological disease. In this case doctors advice or treatment is verry necessary. Adiction to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, smoking, chewing and rap are also verious types of adeloscence disorder.Blue film watching, frustration in schools result, infurity complex, depression, physical and mental deflections are the main cause to these problems. Blue film watching of adeloscence students attract to rap and robberydeloscence age become fashionable. Their concentration goes to dressess and style except study. Now a days mobile fashion also a harmfull factor to adeloscence. They talk unnecessary subject matter and spoil time and money. After all students fail to handle mobiles in proper manner.
Adeloscence is the formative period of both physical and psychological health and is the preparatory phase of a student to his future life. That means students future life depends upon this period. In this period, students want to identity themself in the wide world.They think that is right, others thinking are wrong. Moreover it is the time of a student to transformation psychological and behaviour habits. From this period students aquire from the family and society higher levels moral standings.
Thus healthy adeloscence of a student depend upon teachers and guardians co-operation. So, every teacher and guardians should notice his adeloscence students or ward.

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