Saturday, January 1, 2011

Present Scenerio of Academic Environment and Interior Places In India

 Academic environment at present has witnessed degredation and deterioration to a certain extend. There has been considerable discussion and debate on the academic environment by academicians and educationists in perticular and concerned citizens in general. Needless to mention that it is of utmost importance for effestive teaching-learning process of any eductional system. As such academic environment has close link with educational development of the students and a good academic environment is the result of joint efford by the students, teachers, guardians and the government.
It has been observed that due to many inter-related factors there has been a lack of healthy academic environment at present as a result our students have not been able to exploit their potential human qualities to the satiesfactory extend. So it is extremely necessary to identify the various reasons and relevant factors behind this degredation and find out the remedies of it.
The task of finding out the chief agent or party responsible for such degredation is realy difficult and complex. No single factors can be held solely responsible for this degredation which is cumulative consequence of a multiplicity of factors that are inter-related to each other. It sometimes happens that either the teachers or the students are blamed for such degredation. But the fact is that the proper maintenance of good and sound academic environment largely depends on the overall social environment and and the policy formation and implementation of the government in power from time to time. Of course, it may be stated that a section of teachers suffer from erosion of image and discipline which is also common among a section of students. It is the students who are the main target of our education system for whom huge expenditure is incurred from public exchequer but a sizeable number of students remain far from achieving their respective goals. Many students do not show interest and curiosity in attending classes and do not keep close contact with teachers and are found to be addicted bad habits which are vary much detrimental to their physical and mental health and in the long run resulting in the development of frustration among them. The present gloomy unemployment scenerio of the slate has increased the overall depression of students as employment opportunities are shrinking both in public and private sectors. The unemployment problem itself is the result of our present defective education system as the education system has nat been able to keep up with changing need, requirement and job opportunities. Even the best creams of the present educational set up have not been able to stablish in the preent society. Some students merely attend schools or colleges due to family pressure or a custm, they lack zeal enthusiaism most esential for learning.
Another important factor is the inherant poverty among a large section of guardians who can not provide their wards with necessary facilities for continuation of studies. The cost of education on the other hand is increasing day by day and government scholarship is limited. Besides there is wide gap between the facilities by the urban students and those enjoyed by rural students. While a section of students are seem to be carrying vary costly mobile handsets etc, their counterparts from rural and reverine areas even do not have the basic necessities for subsistance.
Again the evil consequences of the misuse of the television, cinema etc. have a negetive impact on the students as well as the academic environment. The propagation of western culture through the electronic media has generated a meterialistic out look and consumerist philosophy among the younger generation of the society which has its impact on the life-style of the students. As a result the traditional harmonious and respectful relationship between the teachers and taught has been disrupted. The teachers are gradually losing their authority over the students for various reasons such as lack of strong personality among a section of teachers, political interference in some appointment , transfer etc. Further, the absence of moral education particularlyat the school stage has far-teaching effect on various aspects of social life.
Besides ther are some other relevant factors for the degredation of academic environment such as appointment of teachers are not always on merit, no appropriate step for solution of problems of teachers, delay in filling of vacant posts, inadequate supervision and review of educational system under regular interval, non-avalability of text books in time, insufficient financial grant for co-curricular activities and other academic programes, administrative laxity etc.
Thus the academic degredation is the result of various inter-related causes. However, there is utmost need to improve the present scenerio of degraded academic environment and following measures may be considered.
Teaching-learning process is a continuous one and so teachers training is invariably needed with the changing situation so that they can play effective role as best guide to students by identifying the strength and weakness of students.
There is the need of introduction of entrepreneurship education in present education system in order that the students become able to mould a strong mind to be self-employed if necessary and thus lead them to be free from present dreadful situation of educated unemployment.
The introduction of moral education is equally important from the very beginning stage of students life which may mitigate many of the ills of educational environment and for which the role of guardians and teachers is more important.
Government must ensure the maintenance of the appropriate method for the selection of teachers strictly on the basis of merit instead of some other considerations. This will make the teachers to render better services to the students in real sense.
There is the need of involvement of students in co-curricular activities for fullest development of their personality. Besides, availability of books and journals in time, well-equipped buildings, effective supervision by compent authority etc. are some important ingredients of healthy academic environment. Also there is utmost need of increasing the number of classes during the academic session and other academic programmes should be arranged so that participation of students can be made more effective.
However, a strong zeal for learning is necessary to be ingrained in the minds of students which can be made possible only when the effortof heads of institutions, teachers, educationists, conscious guardians with positive outlook will go a long way in improving the degraded scenerio of educational environment. Moreover, the state authority of modern welfare concept must adopt certain practical measures in appropriate direction to creat a healthy academic ambience where every student can utilize their best talent according to their capacity. In fact, it is also the responsibility of civil society to provide a free, fair and favourable social environment will foster to suit the talents of the young learners. Besides, the development of human qualities our education system must be able to provide economic security to students. This may lessen the present chaos and disorder and thus help to maintain a favourable academic environment. Howover a collective effort of all concerned with educatinal set up must play their respective role with high degree of responsibility for maintenance of a good academic environment. 

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