Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tips of Peaceful Life

A simple and peaceful life starts with a peaceful mind. A turbulent mind disturbs your peace of mind; there is a sense of urgency in trying to get something beyond your reach. The way to live is to allow your mind to be at peace or rather let you mind be “empty” but focus and enjoy what you do at the moment. Here are 10 ways to enjoy a simple and peaceful life:
1. Devotion to God or Allah:-If we belief that God or Allah created us and allowed us to this world then I think that everybody have to waste a lot of time for thinking or praying to him, because let us think that we create a thing, then we will try to use it for our good.  We created that for our well, we will refuse its bad effect on us, according to this idea I think that if anybody try to have a peaceful life, and then he should waste a lot of time to thinking their creator.
2. Positive emotions: The best way to have peace of mind is to think of positive thoughts such as kindness, love, forgiveness, appreciation, and thankfulness instead of anger, resentment and bitterness. We need not think for the temporary things. Let If I go to the gambling then I can earn more. It can be happen that I may be fall in loss. So if I think that I should to do a good and positive work then I can gain more, there will be no problem that I can or not? So, we should be aware of bad idea about other people:- We should have a bad idea about anyone man, because if we think for a bad idea for the people they will also create a bad idea for us. If the Newton’s second law of force is right then every action has a equal and opposite site reaction, if we be a cause of harm for any people then he must be a cause of harm for us. Therefore we should not have negative sense about any other people. 

4. Resist the urge to have more and be simple: Simplicity can help you in the way of urge. Don’t fill your mind with your wants for more material things. Don’t let it disturb your peace of mind. Learn to enjoy and find contentment in what you have.
5. Do only what is meaningful and important to you: Prioritize your to-do list and do only a few important tasks for the day. Avoid trying to do more is to avoid getting yourself under stress.
6. One task at a time: Don’t complicate the mind. Let it concentrate on one task at a time. Doing too many things at the same time is taxing the mind and applying pressure on you. Take breaks between tasks to clear clutter in your mind
7. Go slow: There is no need to rush about, just plan your work and work your plan. Reduce your speed when you are driving. Eat slowly and enjoy your food. Take your time to appreciate and marvel nature. 
8. Sleep well: This is one powerful way to enjoy peace of mind. A good night’s sleep allows your mind to be at ease, relaxed and be zestful.

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  1. Hey Khans,

    Peace is hard to find sometimes if you have a lot of things going on in your life. I love the way you point out, "allow your mind to be at peace." As a blogger that is one of the key ingredients to success.

    If it is okay with you, I would like to borrow some of the tips, before I adventure another project.

    Best Wishes~
    Best Mom Ever