Monday, January 3, 2011

Creator of Violence and the Peace worthy

There are various types of man in this world. Somebody likes to say about something, Some body likes to Play somebody likes to comic discussion, and somebody likes to give inspiration to do bad works. Every one have own ideology and they does his works according to his choice. But I am going to say about a man who is differ from the all types of man, Who is the man? He is the man who likes to be a cause of Violence to the other to limiting the definition of violence to "illegal behaviors" that cause harm or injury is consistent with legal guidelines. Such a definition is useful from a policy and control perspective because it covers actions generally considered as violent, including forcible rape, armed robbery, aggravated assault, gang violence, and homicide. A problem with this definition is that the same behavior may be judged illegal or legitimate depending on specific cultural and historical conditions. From this perspective, a behavior would only be considered violent if there were official sanctions against it.
Some definitions of violence include only behavior that is designed to harm others (or animate beings). This focus emphasizes the antisocial and immoral nature of violence as an act against others and society. It is consistent with most contemporary criminal definitions of violence. However, it excludes the self as a target of harm and injury, which is inconsistent with public health definitions of violence that generally include harm to self. Other definitions construe the target even more broadly, extending it to include inanimate objects.
Humanity arrives together at the beginning of this new millennium in an age where the knowledge of weapons of mass destruction is but a click away. And we live in a world where terrorism is viewed by some as a legitimate response to the perceived economic and cultural assaults they face. Everyone... every women, every man... all people of all faiths and all races must find a way to embrace each other's differences, and search for compromise and a way to co-exist. The alternative is an unthinkable future for our children..

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